Yachts are the epitome of luxury, status, and owner. Decorating the interior of your yacht with a luxurious appeal that and conforms to the highest standards of comfort for the world's finest collectors of art.
Encrusted in rich amber mosaics, beautiful, luxurious spas cater to the customer's every wish. Facials, massages, and well-being treatments in amber rooms offer a slice of heaven for procedures such as inhalation therapy, especially good for children needing sound sleep.
Warm shades of amber create a special feeling comfort in the small living room or prayer halls. Create unique wall decors to tile a bed headboards and nightstand with amber tile.

Amber tile picture is a wonderful means of interior decoration. If your interior is in delicate and restrained colors, you may add richness to it using the amber tile picture. Various shades of amber plates provide boundless plenty of options to create a stylish design. Even the “coldest” interior becomes cozy with an amber tile picture made from natural amber tiles



Interior of a yacht has special criteria, because the yacht is the epitome of luxury and a real demonstration of the status of its owner. Amber decorating of the interior gives it a luxurious appearance and conforms to the highest standards of comfort.

Relax-rooms’ walls of elite spas are encrusted with amber mosaics, where customers may relax after procedures. Also for inhalation therapy raw amber is used. And it is especially good for children to sleep in amber rooms.



Warm shades of amber create special comfort even in the small living room or prayer halls. Amber tiles help to create unique wall decors. It’s a great solution – to tile a bed headboard and nightstand with amber tiles.