Amber Palm presents an exclusive, one-of-a-kind set of decorative tiles made of natural amber. Amber Palm prides itself on delivering original, sustainably sourced designs made with state-of-the-art technology, using natural materials.

Our Amber stone is unique to texture and is extremely rare. Not to mention, it sets itself apart from other deposits of the stone because of the unique range of colors available. Unsurprisingly, the products made out of this set are also limited editions and are valued especially too.

Also, Amber Palm creates other original designs of decorative amber tiles that are produced in eco-friendly environments with no impurities and using only the natural 100% amber gem. These tiles are ready-to-use for decorative purposes on walls, other surfaces, and even to enhance the backdrop of other products.

The tiles resemble all the feelings in the human emotion spectrum, where they are aptly be named from rational (cold) to the sensual (warm), and even passionate (hot). This collection is called "Emotions" and it can be produced in a thickness range of 5mm to 20mm. It can also be cut into desired sizes to be used in public places (religious buildings, prayer houses, gourmet restaurants and VIP clubs), as well as a part of decorative ornaments for the interior design of houses.

The wealthy look and feel of the natural amber shades provide an originality and finesse to the interior. This amber decor accentuates the luxury of the interior and reflect the refined taste and personality of the owner. For instance, the Ancient Amber combines the energy of the Moon and the Sun to miraculously heal of our body and soul.

We believe the "Emotions" Collection will bestow the blessings upon your ambitious plans as they were sent by God himself.